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Vampirella is one of Lucio's favourite comic characters to paint. Following a successful run of Red Sonja covers for Dynamite Entertainment since 2005, Luico began to paint covers for Vampirella in 2010. He worked on numerous issue covers, including the Vampirella Annual #1. Vampirella #35 is also the cover for Lucio's 2013 produced art book, Vampires vs Amazons. In 2018 Lucio returned to do a brand new sellout cover for Vampirella #11. 

Lucio's published covers are all traditionally done gallery oil paintings, completed at the easel. For in-progress videos and exclusive peeks of future covers, please follow Lucio's Instagram page by following the icon at the top of this page. 

Below is a gallery of some of Lucio's Vampirella covers.

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